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I am a Senior Resarcher with CNRS at Institut Jean Nicod  (ENS, EHESS), Paris, France. I work at the boundary of philosophy and cognitive sciences, with a particular attention to policies and the design of educational settings. This page contains a selection of books (authored or co-authored). More information on research topics and results can be found in the tabs.

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La lezione del freddo
Roberto Casati
pp. 184
€ 18,00
ISBN 978880623610

Time Lapse 42 Nord New Hampshire

Time lapse sunrise from Winter solstice to equinox








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SEmplicità Insormontabili COVERUnsurmountable_Polish200px-UnsurmountableSimplicitiessimplicidadessemplicità GREEK COVER39 cuentos filosoficos難解的簡單 · 39 杯哲學 Espresso

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With Achille C. Varzi, Semplicità Insormontabili, translated as Insurmountable simplicities / 39 petites histoires philosophiques d’une redoutable simplicité / 논쟁의 대가들 · 역설과 위트 논리와 상상력의 39 가지 철학우화 /  Simplicidades insolúveis. 39 histórias filosóficas . 39 φιλοσοφικές ιστορίες /  /  / Proste sytuacje nie do rozwiązania. 39 opowiadań filozoficznych




On screen at RIFF Rome Independent Film Festival: Stanza 88, directed by Pierluca di Pasquale


On stage in NYC at the Fringe Festival /August 2010:


All Gone Theatre Company,  Writer: Roberto Casati and Achille Varzi, Adapted by Natalie Glick, Director: Natalie Glick,



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200px-Holes200px-PartsAndPlacesLa Philosophie du Son Casati Dokic CoverCasati Immagine Cover





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