Former and current PhD students

Dario Taraborelli (on basic features in vision); Elena Pasquinelli (on the epistemic aspects of haptic illusions); Nivedita Gangopadhyay (on sensorimotor theories of visual consciousness); Alessandro Pignocchi (on the cognitive aspects of drawing); Yasmina Jraissati (meta-analysis of post Berlin & Kay literature on color naming); Denys Vinçon (on impossible images, co-directed with Alberto Voltolini, Turin); François Le Corre (on the distinction between the senses); Brice Bantegnie (on metaphysics and cognition); Elvira di Bona (on sounds, co-directed with Michele Di Francesco, Milan); Elena Tosi-Brandi, on multisensory design.

Toolbox for PhD Students

Former and current PostDoc collaborators

Anne Tüscher (on VR credibility, Project PSA Automobile); Elena Pasquinelli on feeling of presence and on education (project ENACTIVE Network of Excellence 2004-2008);  Valeria Giardino on graphic-based reasoning (Marie Curie fellowship for 2008-2010); Judith Simon on recommender systems (Project Liquidpublication FET OPEN 2008-2012); Brent Strickland (Fyssen Foundation 2013-2015) on Perception and multitasking.

Former and current MA students at Institut Jean Nicod

Rhett Nichols on wayfinding; Alexis Ouspensky on Naïve Astronomy; Valeria Mongelli on sailing and cognition; Glen Lomax on simulation in astronomy, Nicolas Porot on images, Pierre Bonnier on aesthetic evaluation.

Work by MA students at IUAV, Venice



Cours CA1 2012-2013 with Pierre Jacob

Education et cognition (dir. Andler, Pasquinelli, Casati)

Archived Cogmaster Courses


Corso di Teoria del Colore,IUAV, Venezia, 2004-2008

Metaphysics and cognition, Mexico Oct 2008

Metafisica e scienze cognitive, Torino 2008-2009

La creatività Scientifica Torino SERMIG 2008

Creatività e insegnamento matematico-scientifico, Fondazione per la Scuola (Scuole elementari) Torino 2009

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